Our Story

Hey Beautiful,

I am Deana and I started Coco and Melon in my small apartment 7 years ago.

It was then when I plucked up the courage to accept that my hair would never be the same again.

Let me rewind and tell you my story; I started losing my hair due to stress and anxiety in my mid 20's. My condition was called Alopecia Areata. Losing my hair really knocked back my self-confidence, and I became depressed, which made me lose more hair causing me to feel worse.

It got so bad that I had small patches of curly locks. It was hard; I would not go out and meet friends, just wanted to hide all the time. I would spend a lot of time sleeping and or just crying.  A friend suggested that I try wearing wigs, and I was totally against the idea. But then again, I was running out of ways to hide my problem.

So I eventually gave in and decided to buy a wig. I looked around for Human hair and synthetic ones but didn’t seem to like anything I saw or afford. But to be honest, I was not ready to accept my situation. I could not afford the fancy human hair wigs that were sold for thousands of dollars. So I invested in a synthetic wig; it had long black hair with bangs. It took some time to get used to it but slowly I started to get back some of my confidence, and as people complimented the hairstyles I would do with my little $30 wig, I began to feel a little bit like myself again. 

As my love for wigs grew, so did my wig making skills, (which is super therapeutic actually). 😅

Fast forward 6 years and I am obsessed with wigs because I love the freedom of changing my hair from deep curly to straight, purple to a short bob. I mean I never have a bad hair day anymore, and the best part of it all is that I may have lost my natural hair, but I found my self-confidence.

Coco and Melon isn’t just for someone that has a similar story (to mine); it’s also for the people that just love switching up their hairstyles with wigs and extensions. 

We aim to make and bring you quality Human Hair wigs, extensions and organic hair products that are affordable (free if you qualify for the Government Subsidy) comfortable and stylish. 😍

Moreover, I hope Coco and Melon can help you to find yourself and if you have it, girl we want you to feel, be empowered and nothing less.

You can be confident that you are In safe hands with us, we will hold your hand through your hair journey (when you need us). 

We want you to be able to indulge in the privilege to transform yourself into whoever you want to be with wigs, extensions and natural hair care products.

Thank you for visiting Coco & Melon, and I  hope you enjoy what we have to offer. Also we want to thank you for supporting our small business which in turn helps us give back

Wishing you a beautiful hair day! 💕

Much love,